Zayed’s expertise lies in connecting business strategy with implementation of the necessary infrastructure required to set up a fully operational e-commerce website using Shopify, incorporating and linking with ad deployment on social media platforms like Meta, Instagram and advising on useful Shopify plug-ins that have enabled him to automate promotions, CRM loyalty programmes and inventory management for smooth operations and in order to scale it further. He is an expert especially in industries like fashion and FMCG, where he has built ecommerce brands from the ground-up to over million dollars in scale, in Southeast Asia, and in some cases for a global audience

Adlina Anis, Ecommerce Fashion Brand, Fashion Brand, Southeast Asia

Adlina Anis (@Adlinaanisofficial) is a leading modest fashion brand in Singapore targeting
fashionable and modern Muslim women in Southeast Asia. The brand has grown from 2012 to
become one of the favourites, with a following of 13.7K followers. Zayed has helped Adlina (his
wife) with marketing strategy, shopify automation, A/B testing and deployment of digital ads on
social media platforms, as well as created a loyalty marketing program to drive repeat purchase.
The brand currently has an average of 75% retention rate and recurring customer spend

Anothersole, Shoe Brand (, Fashion Brand, Global outreach

Bomsnbuns(, Singapore