You, as a marketer, may already have some experience in digital marketing. However, did you know that some industries enjoy greater ROI (Return on investment) from digital marketing? Here are the top 5 industries that can benefit from digital marketing. Check out if you are one of the listed industries and get some useful tips to boost your sale! 


digital marketing in law industry

When laypeople face legal issues, they mostly first search their situation on search engines like Google. They use a specific keyword like defamation law to look for a similar case or relevant laws. At this stage, many searchers still look for a good lawyer. This is where digital marketing can help you reach potential clients. Using a digital marketing strategy like SEO content writing for common legal keywords, you can attract high potential clients to visit your website. Moreover, as they read quality content on your website, they will learn about your professionalism and eventually considering hiring you. 

You may also use social media to build long-term trust from a potential client. Some people are just curious about the law. These people occasionally search their questions and even follow social media accounts to learn about the law on daily basis. Therefore, if you become one of their connection, you can maintain a meaningful long-term relationship with people who might become potential clients in the future. Since this is a long-term marketing strategy, do not only talk about the law but also share your experience, cases, and successes. By providing useful information consistently, they will learn about laws as well as you as a lawyer. As a result, when they need a lawyer, they will approach you as they already know about your proficiency. Unlike blog articles, the content can be lighter but should be more eye-catching and interesting. Also, you should post it regularly to maintain the connection. 


digital marketing in health industry

The health industry is one of the industries that can benefit, especially in the COVID-19 era. The COVID-19 has made people pay extra attention to their health and healthcare. People not only search for information when they are sick but also to prepare for an unexpected event. Thus, similar to the law industry, you can get potential customers by providing quality SEO content that answers their questions. The content may include healthcare blogs, videos, forums, or anything that can grab people’s attention.

One of the tips is to write content that is not too difficult for laypeople to understand. If the content uses professional terms, people will find it difficult and boring to continue reading. Another important tip is to use target keywords that laypeople would use. For example, instead of using pyrexia, use fever as your keyword to develop content about it. Lastly, be careful when using fear marketing. As health is a topic that most people are concerned about, your marketing strategy may bring fearful emotion. Some fear can be helpful to grab the audience’s attention and motivate them to purchase your product. However, when it exceeds a certain amount, the audience will lose trust in your brand and product. So, if you intend to use fear marketing, use it wisely to stay within the optimal level. 


digital marketing in f&b industry

Did you know that the most popular category on the Instagram is food category? This is not too surprising as we all love to eat, talk, and learn about food. In fact, over 40% of people learn about food via a digital method (, 2017). With such consistent and high popularity of food, digital marketing is one of the marketing channels that the F&B industry can greatly benefit from. Since a lot of people learn about food through online channels, digital marketing can reach and promote to an enormous number of potential customers using various creative strategies like pictures, videos, or online advertisements.  

One of the digital marketing channels that the food industry must use is social media. Social media offers several features like hashtags to reach a wide range of audiences globally. Moreover, the visual-oriented social media platforms like Instagram are especially well suited for visual campaigns that the F&B industry is strong at. Using social media, you can promote your product creatively and effectively, communicate with potential customers, and even sell your product via the social media market. 


digital marketing in retail industry

Today, lesser and lesser people visit offline stores. This is a natural phenomenon as the Internet allowed people to get information anywhere. The retail industry, thus, needs to adapt to this new change. Since the Internet is where potential customers are, the retail industry should actively use digital marketing to reach out to potential customers online, at the right channel. 

According to statistics, 60% of people begin shopping by using a search engine to find the products they want (Minewhat, 2014). This means the search engine is the best channel where you can boost your sales. There are several ways to use a search engine and amongst them, we recommend a pay-per-click marketing strategy. 


Pay-per-click is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. There are two types of pay-per-click – Search ads and Shopping ads. Both ads appear on the top of the search page but search ads are only composed of text, while shopping ads are made of image, text, and price value. Both ads are useful as it guarantees some return from the ads. However, there is one tip we’d like to recommend specifically for shopping ads. Before executing shopping ads, carefully compare product prices between you and your competitor’s product. As mentioned earlier, shopping ads show product images as well as product prices. This means customers can easily compare the price and click on a more affordable product. Therefore, avoid choosing shopping ads unless your product price is attractive enough. 

Another great digital marketing strategy for the retail industry is email marketing. This is especially useful if you don’t have an online store. By sending useful information like new products, discounts, or free giveaway events to potential customers, you will be able to increase visitors and potential customers.

This is an article on email marketing so if you are interested, check it out! 


Do you remember the time when you had to plan for a trip? Some of you may have to look back on old memories, but travel is not completely dead yet! Due to the COVID-19, people may not look outbound travel, but domestic travel has been on the rise. This includes staycation, traveling to other cities within the same country, or visiting inbound attractions. In fact, in the UK, the number of staycations increased by 511% in 2020 compared to 2019 (Statista, 2021). Thus, if you are in the travel industry, it is time to maximize your sales even in the COVID-19.  

There are various digital marketing strategies you can use to promote your product. This includes a mobile-friendly website, social media promotion, google ads, email marketing, and more. Every channel is effective to a particular target audience. For example, social media marketing is more effective for the younger generation, while online advertising is more effective for seniors. Amongst several strategies, we recommend SEO content writing that can reach a large segment of potential customers.

SEO content writing

Most of you may find it challenging to compete for your content with big travel companies. In this case, we recommend writing about topics that are not too common. For example, write about hidden beautiful places or unusual items travelers should bring. Also, include high-quality images in your content. This will help you compete in less competitive search results and bring audiences via image search. When you’ve come up with great content, remember to use effective headlines. Include some adjectives like unbelievable, incredible, top, etc. It is also a good strategy to include the last updated date like ‘updated 2021’ to show that your content is not outdated. Lastly, improve SEO and readability using SEO tools like SEMrush or SurferSEO. This will allow a search engine to define your content as high-quality content and eventually improve your ranking. 


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