The gig economy is here to stay, with estimates at over 77 million freelancers in the world. This trend includes those in the creative industry such as designers, writers, art directors, creative directors and illustrators. 

The rise of Digital Nomadism is one that suits many creatives. The freedom to choose jobs they take on that suits their artistic style, values and beliefs, and lifestyle is appealing to many. (Read more about how freelance creative talents like Tasisch, a freelance designer turned down a project opportunity with a private security contractor, as it was against his beliefs here.)

 In Upwork’s Report on Freelancing and the Economy 2019, it shares how creative industries rank highest in its proportion of freelancers – with over 75% for those in arts and design, and 55% in entertainment

This is not reserved for junior creatives or just those aspiring to make in-roads in building their creative work portfolio. Creatives who started out in advertising agencies and who were able to hone their skills with a variety of clients and who have built the business connections are usually those who thrive better when they switch to freelance jobs.

With technology liberating the geographical boundaries of traditional work, it is therefore no surprise that Design without Borders 2019 Report: The Future of Freelancing that surveyed over 10,000 freelance designers found that 85% work with clients out of their time zone. 

 The other interesting trend highlighted in the same report is that 68% of freelance designers had worked as part of a team for at least some of the time – proving that inter-functional creative team set-ups that are common to agencies is also applicable to freelance creatives.

 Imagine a world where the most original ideas and creative talent is accessible to all brands regardless of their size, or budget. A world where top creative talents like sharp strategists, master storytellers, imaginative film makers, witty writers and gifted designers who were previously only accessible through renowned agencies which charge exorbitant amounts, are now accessible to every brand to help them communicate their brand, artfully.


Photo by Rekajevic Nenad on Pexels.

 This truly returns power back to the hands of brands and the creatives, where it rightfully belongs.

Independents aims to achieve just that – by connecting the creative community made up of these brilliant and daring talents to hungry and ambitious brands who wish to imprint the world with their message. We bring science to this art, by incorporating AI algorithms that compute best matches based on creative portfolio, expertise, track record, locality and team dynamics. 

 Our motivation to do right by clients and creatives – is fueled by our firsthand experience and respect of the struggles both sides encounter when trying to achieve great branding work. This is why Independents assigns each creative team one dedicated project at a time – this allows creatives to focus their energy to uncovering key insights and to deliver high quality work each time, and assures clients that they will be getting creative teams’ undivided time and attention – a prerequisite for great work. 

 Keen on getting your next branding project up, and ready to give it the original twist it needs to stand out in a sea of crowded brand messages? Reach out to us here or drop us a note at and let us make magic happen!


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