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What is Independents ?

We are an AI-powered matching platform that matches the best creative teams to brands’ creative needs based on relevant skills, portfolio experience, locality, team dynamics, satisfaction ratings of past clients’ and team’s availability.

What type of creative talents are part of Independents’ creative community ?

We have a wide range of creative talents ranging from writers, graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, video producers, UX/UI designers and more.

What type of projects can Independents’ creative community take on ?

We can take on any creative project that requires marketing or creative skills including video production, press release, digital graphic assets, and other promotional materials like catalogues, brochures and more.

Who would I as a client be liaising with for the day to day progress of my project ?

One of the senior creatives assigned to the project will serve as Client Management Lead. All our Senior Creatives are well suited, and curated to ensure they have the necessary client liaison experience.

Why should I use Independents as the matching platform ?

(i) No time wasted: Save time researching, waiting and go –to market faster with Independents. As every creative project you have will require different skill sets and expertise, you can be assured that our matching platform takes into account all of your preferences to suggest 1 to 3 best-suited teams to take this project on, therefore guaranteeing the best quality and value for money for every project.
(ii) Safe experience: As a matching platform, we take pride in safeguarding both brands and creative independents to be treated fairly.
(iii) Best team matchings: Our platform makes the best creative talents far more accessible by forming them into best-matched teams based on past working experience and team dynamics, and takes away the headache of having to invoice creatives individually.

Why is this relevant now ?

As more brands get online, the need to stand out in a over-crowded space is expected to get increasingly more challenging. We believe tapping into creative talents to produce some of the most original and creative content will help brands perform better, and achieve their branding goals more effectively.

Why are we the right team to solve this?

Independent’s founding team has over 4 decades of combined creative advertising, marketing, and AI data science experience. We understand both the pains of clients and creatives and believe this is a problem that will persist, and have the necessary skills to solve this with our AI and data science expertise.

How much does Independents charge ?

We take 15-20% of the budget, and ensure up to 85% goes to the actual production of your creative projects. This is unlike the traditional advertising model where only around 50% is directed to actual production of creative projects. 5% of this project will be shared with the creative talents if they get a 5 Star rating from clients.

What’s the long term vision for the company ?

To become the expert at matching the best creative team for clients’ branding needs to produce the best creative work that will change the world.

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