The Independents platform is focused on matching best quality creative and marketing freelance talent to projects – based on their skills, experience, craft ability, track record, personality and team match. We’re trying to be the creative measurement tool to best guarantee results.

To do so, we need as many data points such as creative talents’ past experience, and portfolio samples for a start. To help ease this process, we’ve developed an easy way for talents to upload their resume onto our platform.

Here are 7 easy steps you can complete your creative profile on Independents, using the LinkedIn Resume upload tool.

  1. Log onto Linkedin, head to your profile and click “More”

2. Click on “Save as PDF”

3. Save LinkedIn Resume as PDF on your computer.

4. Log onto your Independents profile via

5. Select “Professional Profile” on the side menu bar

6. Click on “Upload Your LinkedIn Profile” on the Top right hand corner

7. Click on Browse files, select the saved Resume you downloaded from LinkedIn and Upload!

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