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Our Independents are curated and rated for each project selection based on industry leading analysis:

Professional advertising & marketing agency experience evaluation

Proprietary data analysis software recognising unique visual design and copy styles

Team dynamics based on past working relationships and project ratings

Our Independents Community

Independent marketing experts

Our Independents are curated and diverse in skill and geographical location.

Top Ad Agency Experience
0 %

Our talent has proven agency experience having worked in multinational networks.

Award-winning portfolio
0 %

Our talent is proven award winners having won the industry’s leading accolades.

Average years of industry experience

Leverage skills and experience of proven professionals for your projects.

Our Average

Has 7 years experience
Has worked in leading marketing agencies
Has been recognised with 4 to 5 industry accolades
Has received a 4.5 project rating from clients & team members

Why our talents choose

Digitisation has changed the marketing landscape. Great marketing talent is no longer accessible only through marketing agencies. Talented marketers from all over the world are choosing to work independently.

For the first time, Independents is enabling this incredible marketing talent to collaborate with one another and harness their complimentary skills to service clients for all levels of marketing projects.