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Unique talent matching of industry expertise, marketing skill, creative ability & team dynamics for proven success.

Unique Human-Centred Data Matching

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Our database of 7 million companies will help us identify similar marketing assets your brand may require.

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Talent Requirements Identified


The exact talent and/or team skills required for your marketing asset production will be identified and matched to your project’s needs.

How our matching works


Relevant industry
experience matching

First tier matching identifies talents who have relevant category experience to your company.

Marketing expertise matching

Second tier matching recognises relevant skill levels & the value of experience at different tiered agencies.

Creative ability matching

Third tier matching is based on a creative ability and portfolio analysis, as well as industry leading copy & visual style matching of reference material.

Project Match Score

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Our industry leading project match score is completely unique for every project and is a strong identifier for potential success.

Team dynamics matching

For projects that require teams, short-listed talents are matched based on previous working relationships. In the case of no previous working experience, talents are matched based on compatibility through OCEAN personality testing analytics & team chemistry meetings.

Meet your curated talent


Have a chemistry
session meeting

The final step is to meet your prospective team for a chemistry session. Any final questions or details about the project and team’s dynamics can be assessed.

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Project Based Fee

A standard 15% project fee is applied for intelligent matching services and all admin and contracts.

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