3 Benefits of working with freelancers   

Hiring a marketing agency is usually the most convenient marketing strategy to save time and effort. However, not all companies have enough budget to hire external agencies. Also, agencies whilst best suited for larger projects often times charge over $20,000 and may not be as cost-effective when it comes to smaller projects or long-term recurrent […]

5 Marketing Trends in 2021 Every Marketer Needs to Learn

Since the flare-up of COVID-19 and movement restrictions, numerous brands have adopted digital marketing to grow and sustain their business. In fact, ad spends across top marketplaces and social media platforms rose 31% in March 2021 (Mediaocean 2021). However, digital marketing changes every minute by various factors thus requires marketers to learn and be aware […]

Top 5 industries that benefit from digital marketing

digital marketing

You, as a marketer, may already have some experience in digital marketing. However, did you know that some industries enjoy greater ROI (Return on investment) from digital marketing? Here are the top 5 industries that can benefit from digital marketing. Check out if you are one of the listed industries and get some useful tips […]

Marketing Agency VS Freelancer: Which is the right option for you? 

A successful marketing campaign always needs various talents, ideas, management, and more. Big companies like Apple, already have an internal marketing team with the necessary talents, budgets, and teams. On the other hand, most small to medium businesses do not have all the talents required for their ever-changing marketing projects. Since a big internal marketing […]

10 Essential Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

As a marketer, you would have experienced the complexity of creating and managing marketing campaigns. We understand that there is no shortcut to completing any marketing tasks. However, there are some useful marketing tools to make things much easier. Using appropriate marketing tools, you can develop and promote your product in more organized, convenient, and […]

3 Types of digital marketing freelancers for business growth

Digital marketing, especially in the COVID-19 period, is one of the most important and efficient marketing strategies for every business. Using digital channels, you can reach an enormous number of audiences without borders.  There are various types of digital marketing such as social media marketing, email marketing, and display advertising. Some can be done by […]

3 Useful Tips to Stretch your Marketing Budget Further

Did you know that businesses spend about 7-8% of gross revenue on marketing and as much as 20% in a competitive niche (Chron.com, 2019)? This is definitely not a small amount, especially for small businesses and startups. At the same time, it is a necessary cost for a successful business. Let’s be honest. There is […]

3 Best B2C Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

marketing strategies

As a small business owner, you don’t have endless time or budget to test every marketing strategy. However, it is especially important for small businesses to use an efficient marketing strategy to grow their presence. Fortunately, there are various marketing strategies that small businesses can adapt. Amongst them, we would like to introduce you to […]

Independents Top Advertising Picks: ‘Nian’ – Apple (2021)

As we look back at the recent festivities of Chinese New Year this year, it seems befitting to celebrate an impactful advertisement that’s Chinese New Year themed in this week’s Independent’s Top Advertising Picks. (Check out the other top Independents’ Advertising Picks here and here). Independents’ Top Picks celebrates and explores some of the most […]