Feature of 5 Memorable Advertisements in Southeast Asia

ads in Southeast Asia

Advertising is one of the most important components of marketing. Advertising is crucial not only to increase profits and sales but also to ensure greater awareness, customer loyalty and intended brand image.  However, as people are exposed to various media and content every day, advertising is becoming more challenging to grab the attention of the […]

Changing Consumer Trends to Watch in 2022 

consumer trends

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our life. We live under many restrictions, concerns, and threats that did not exist before. Under such extraordinary circumstances, consumer behavior and trends have changed as well.  As a marketer, understanding and analyzing consumers is the most vital for effective marketing. Without understanding their needs and behavior, you cannot […]

Top 10 video production tools with reviews from actual users

video marketing tools

Did you know that 87% of video marketers feel that video gives them a positive ROI? (Harsey, 2021)? With the growing usage of video on various channels, video is becoming one of the most important content format to generate leads and promote products. Fortunately, there are numerous online video production tools for easy yet professional […]

Tips to make your video marketing game on point

video marketing

Videos are now one of the most common and popular media types worldwide. Today, 78% of people watch videos online each week (Perry, 2019) and 69% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video (Wyzowl, 2021). With the rising popularity of video, video marketing has become one of […]

5 Tips for Content Marketing

content marketing

Did you know that 4.66 billion of the world population are active internet users (Statista, 2021)? This implies a ton of opportunity for your brand to reach potential customers worldwide! There are numerous digital marketing tactics, including SEO optimization, social media marketing, and eCommerce marketing. Amongst them, we’d like to introduce one of the most […]

Beginner’s Guide to Using Instagram Ads for Marketing 

Instagram ads

Instagram is one of the most effective channels for every digital marketing campaign. Using Instagram, you can raise awareness, promote, engage, and even sell products to over 928.5 million potential customers (Cooper, 2020). Yet, if you have never used Instagram ads before, you may find them somewhat similar and confusing. Therefore, in this article, we’d […]

5 Steps to Build an Evergreen Sales Funnel      

evergreen sales funnel

You may have already heard of a sales funnel before. But have you ever heard of the evergreen sales funnel? Evergreen sales funnel is an automated revenue funnel that drives leads or revenue all year-round. Once it is set up, it guides you with expected, gradual, and linear scales. Since it brings steady sales, it […]

3 Ways to find TikTok Influencers for Your Marketing

As many of you already know, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in 2021. It is the sixth-largest social media platform (Kemp, 2020) with over 500 million monthly active members (Fanbytes, NA). Unlike Instagram that focuses on photos, TikTok focuses on the creation of original short videos that are trendy, creative, and entertaining. Yet, […]

3 Benefits of working with freelancers   

Hiring a marketing agency is usually the most convenient marketing strategy to save time and effort. However, not all companies have enough budget to hire external agencies. Also, agencies whilst best suited for larger projects often times charge over $20,000 and may not be as cost-effective when it comes to smaller projects or long-term recurrent […]

5 Marketing Trends in 2021 Every Marketer Needs to Learn

Since the flare-up of COVID-19 and movement restrictions, numerous brands have adopted digital marketing to grow and sustain their business. In fact, ad spends across top marketplaces and social media platforms rose 31% in March 2021 (Mediaocean 2021). However, digital marketing changes every minute by various factors thus requires marketers to learn and be aware […]