How Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies Make?

Unlocking the Secrets of Their Success With the rapid rise of the digital era, businesses are increasingly turning to digital marketing agencies to boost their online presence and reach their target audiences. As the demand for their services surges, it’s only natural to wonder, “How much do digital marketing agencies make?” In this blog post, […]

Linkedin Resume Upload Tool

The Independents platform is focused on matching best quality creative and marketing freelance talent to projects – based on their skills, experience, craft ability, track record, personality and team match. We’re trying to be the creative measurement tool to best guarantee results. To do so, we need as many data points such as creative talents’ […]

Independents Top Advertising Picks: ‘Nian’ – Apple (2021)

As we look back at the recent festivities of Chinese New Year this year, it seems befitting to celebrate an impactful advertisement that’s Chinese New Year themed in this week’s Independent’s Top Advertising Picks. (Check out the other top Independents’ Advertising Picks here and here). Independents’ Top Picks celebrates and explores some of the most […]

Independents’ Top Picks: ‘Think Different’ by Apple (1997)

In the spirit of celebrating remarkable creative genius which is the quintessence of great advertising, we will be featuring the most iconic and memorable advertisements of our time. Think an ad should be on this list? Drop us a note at Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round […]

The Future of Creativity lies in Independent Creatives.

The Future of Creativity lies in Independent Creatives.  Imagine a world where the most original ideas and creative talent is accessible to all brands regardless of their size, or budget. Independents aims to achieve just that – by connecting the creative community made up of these brilliant and daring talents to hungry and ambitious brands who wish to imprint the world with their message.