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Award-winning writers, growth marketers, strategists, designers, creative directors and more.

7 years craft experience on average.
60% have top advertising agency experience.
Industry Score 80%
Asset Score 80%
Experince Score 90%
Creativity Score 98%
Industry Award Score 80%

Unique data matching customised for your project needs

Intelligent scoring based on industry expertise, marketing skills, creative ability, portfolio style matching & track record.

Talents who understand your local market

Localised talent from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, India, Australia, UK & US, to understand your target market’s local nuances.

No Interviewing

No recruiting

No Invoicing

No legal contracts

Focus on your work, not on hiring or operations.

We save you the hassle of interviewing, recruiting, invoicing, project management and legal contracts.

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Upon receiving your brief, you can start work with the team within 48 hours!

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